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Structural Foam Molding (TSG)

Structural Foam Molding (TSG)

Structural foam molding (TSG) has been found quite a revolutionary technique for bridging the void between the manufacturing units and the manufacturing of larger complex parts that were only thought to be made possible when there is a high pressure forced on the molten polymer to fill up the cavity of the mold. The structural foam molding (TSG) gets executed in a low pressure environment where the molding process depends upon the foaming action caused by the inert gas that is distributed in the plastic material for initiating the flow.

Because of this non-dependence on high pressure method, the structural foam parts made through low pressure do generally have thicker wall sections and quite a substantial density reduction from the base material. The structural foam parts also show feasible strength-to-weight ratio and an improved type of thermal insulation too.

Another contribution of the structural foam molding to the easy and smooth functioning of the manufacturing business is the scope of utilizing the cheaper and lighter molds which can be very well used for producing larger parts and components. Though it should not be misunderstood that other conventional methods are not that competent to help in the manufacturing of larger complex parts, but the lower setup cost of the structural foam molding (TSG) process associated with the development of the complex parts plays a crucial role in given preference to this process over others.

Highlight on Few Benefits of Structural Foam Molding(TSG) Process

  • Low-cost Tooling
  • Different Materials can be Run Simultaneously
  • Large Parts can be Produced
  • High-Quality Design Flexibility
  • Higher Strength-To-Weight Ratio
  • Reduced Sink Marks