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China Die Casting Moldmaking

China Die Casting Moldmaking

China Zinc and Aluminium Die Casting

Shanghai iMolding is a well known and acclaimed manufacturer of China Zinc Die Casting and China Aluminium Die Casting processes since for decades now. Both these methods have enabled the company to cater the manufacturing demands of a diverse number of industries because of their high-speed production, dimensional accuracy and stability, good strength and weight and multiple finish techniques.

In order to have maximum benefits from China Zinc Die Casting and China Aluminium Die Casting processes and to meet the huge demands of mass production of parts and components, the company makes extensive use of the die casting machines of weight 280 ton to make their clients satisfied and happy. The manufacturing team has always been

successful in identifying and recording the optimal production parameters by the implication of the sophisticated means of production such as China Zinc Die Casting and China Aluminium Die Casting and also by applying the modern management system along with the application of high-quality raw materials to ensure precision and functionality.

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Furthermore, die casting molds play a decisive role when the quality die casting products has to be produced through China Zinc Die Casting and China Aluminium Die Casting methods. In order to execute this, we have our own mold-making department that has a state-of-the-art production technology and efficient team to design and produce die casting molds and ancillary cutting molds. We take care of the precision coordination of mold-making and die casting production, that not only protects the stability of the quality but also greatly improves the production efficiency and thereby reduces the costs.

The company is also willing in providing the technical support to customers for the product design stage immediately with the help of the experience that was accumulated during the production stage and the assistance imparted by the latest CAD-CAM software tools that further can help customers to optimize the product structure and can have reduced production costs.

In addition to the traditional China Zinc Die Casting and China Aluminium Die Casting methods, the company also rendering the services for multi-slides die-casting process to fulfill the special needs of the customers at least up to eight slides. The flexibility to select the parting surface in a multi-slides die-casting method in comparison to other traditional methods enables in reducing the secondary processing. The use of unique parting surface of the casting method does not require vertical flow channel and thereby saves material cost and stabilizes the quality of the product.

For different environments, die-casting products should be handled with different post-treatment processes for which we provide the following services:

  • Machining
  • Polishing
  • Plating
  • Painting

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