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China Custom Plastic Injection Molding

China Custom Plastic Injection Molding

The process of custom plastic injection molding is all about manufacturing plastic components by injecting raw material into the mold. The type of raw materials that are generally found viable with this process to run is metals, glasses, and most commonly thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers.

Shanghai iMolding is favorably employing the advantages of the large plastic molds process and therefore can produce injection parts up to 30000 g through the use of sophisticated means of production and by the application of high-quality raw materials so that the precision and functionality of injection parts can be ensured. Along with this accomplishment, the workers are able to identify and record optimal production parameters by the inclusion of modern production methods and management systems so that the stability of the production quality can be endured.

Custom Plastic Injection Molding Method

In addition to, injection molds play a decisive role in custom plastic injection molding method for getting the good quality of injection products. Not only molds, but also rich experience in custom plastic injection molding and injection mold-making industry and thorough and intensive technical knowledge are the prerequisite for optimization of the injection products' structure and mold design.

The company has in-house own mold-making department that is equipped with advanced production technology and an efficient and trained team that works systematically and logically in order to deliver the greatest guarantee of quality, cost and lead time.

The company is also pleased to provide its customers the technical support for the selection of the plastic material when they are utilizing the large plastic molds method for their plastic goods. Most of the engineering plastics in the market are being used by the company for making a processed plastic material.

We prefer all types of large plastic molds and plastic material ranging from basic plastic to the enhanced or modified, high-performance thermoplastics, and are always successful in finding a suitable material for implementing the large plastic molds process.

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In addition to the traditional China Plastic Injection Molding process, the company also provides several special injection molding processes for fulfilling the special needs of customers.

TSF Molding:

It has more advantages in comparison to traditional injection molding process as TSF molding can be used for large injection molding shell pieces. In this method, the internal stress and surface microcosm can be overcome so that the high wall thickness can be achieved and injection contraction rate can be reduced.

Multi-inserts Moulding:

It is used for electrical and other industries. In this injection molding process hetero phasic material components should be assembled in the plastic product and are placed in a mold, where the molten plastic material and the inserts join and become solidified so that injection molding and assembly can be achieved in one step.

This process reduces production costs. The company also provides several services for a variety of application environments in which the injection products are often needed to be processed subsequently in order to meet the practical application requirements, The services are as follows:

  • Assembly
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Screen printing, hot stamping
  • Painting
  • Plating