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Cleanroom injection molding

Cleanroom injection molding

Medical devices and medical equipment, often produced using cleanroom Injection molding small batch methods, are subject to federal authorities’ approval before production and distribution. In most cases, it’s mandatory that products vying for approval are manufactured, assembled, and packed in a cleanroom facility, ensuring the highest quality through cleanroom Injection molding small batch techniques.

Cleanroom molding small batch production ensures components are made in a controlled, contaminant-free setting. Ideal for industries requiring high precision, cleanroom molding small batch methods prioritize quality and adherence to rigorous standards, minimizing contamination risks for sensitive applications.

Our planned clean room facilities meet ISO 14644-1 CLASS ISO 8 (Equivalent to FED STD 209E – Class 100,000) where we produce small size products. Our clean room service includes assembly, final processing such as inserts insertion and packaging.

Cleanroom Injection Molding small batch