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About Us
iMed is an expert suppliers of technical precision parts and assemblies made of plastic in small, medium and large series for use in the most important industry sectors.
As a systems supplier, iMed looks back on more than one decade of experience. This experience is not just limited to one branch of industry.
It is not only the use of state-of-the-art technology that has ensured satisfied, long-standing customers and their trust in iMed’s production quality. Excellent staff accompany each product from the first development step right up to series production. iMed places value on fostering its own new recruits, as well as on continuous training and further training and intensive courses of instruction. Our in-house experts therefore work with the same professionalism appropriate to the customer’s experts.


iMed Co., Ltd. specializes in small to large, complex molded products while providing many post-molding services not typically found in one company. Injection molding presses range from 80 – 3500 tons. Shot size up to 40 kg.


iMed has moved to new production plant Jiangyan

iMed has moved to new production plant Jiangyan since 2018. The new spacious plant enabled capability expansion. In the past years our company growed rapidly in original location. Now, as the company grows, there are more and more employees, and more investment is needed to support customer growth. It is imperative to relocate the new site. In the future, the Jiangyan plant will become a major development platform.