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High performance plastic molding

High performance plastic molding

So that at high temperatures the plastic part does not melt.

High-performance plastics are today used in the fields of classical materials such as metal, glass or ceramics, because the application temperatures, whether short-term or permanent, have been significantly increased. Together with an economical production we can bring our customer capable end product.

PA 66 / 6T, PPSU (Radel), PSU (Udel), PEI (Ultem), and PEEK are among the most advanced high-performance materials. The integration of aromatic and other mesomeric structures in the polymeric structure reduce aging even at over 250 ° C and allow short-term temperatures above 300 ° C, without the plastic flowing. Our molded parts made from these materials find application in a wide range of medical technology, the food industry, the electrical and electronics industry, and aerospace.

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