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Structural Foam Injection Molding

Structural Foam Injection Molding

Plastic parts prepared using the Structural Foam process have a cellular or a structural core, surrounded with thick outer layer that combine to give the products greater strength to the weight ratio and as much as twice the rigidity of the solid products that are of the same material and weight.

The structural foam molding process utilizes a molten resin that has been injected with a foaming agent auch as nitrogen gas. Structural foam yields parts that are larger and sturdier than injection molding. Parts produced through structural foam molding process are structurally sound, nearly stress-free and have minimal warpage.


  • Part weight reduced
  • Increased strength and stiffness due to sandwich structure
  • Capable of molding large, complex parts without sink marks
  • Capable of molding parts .500 inches thick or greater

Shanghai iMolding Co. Ltd. delivers high-quality Structural Foam products to a wide range of industries across the globe. With us, you can avail a huge range of benefits by producing products using Structural Foam Injection Molding process. Some of the benefits include:

Lower Material Costs:

In the structural foam process, the part weight can be reduced up to 30%, thus, lowering the material costs without compromising with the Structural Integrity.

Increased Efficiency at Low Cost:

The capability of a large shot size is up to 150 lbs per shot. To combine various smaller parts, larger products can easily be designed, thus reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

Multi-nozzle Capability:

Low pressure Structural Foam equipments have multi-nozzle capability. That means multiple molds can be processed at the same time and on the same press.