iMed has moved to new production plant Jiangyan

iMed has moved to new production plant Jiangyan since 2018. The new spacious plant enabled capability expansion.

In the past years our company growed rapidly in original location. Now, as the company grows, there are more and more employees, and more investment is needed to support customer growth. It is imperative to relocate the new site. In the future, the Jiangyan plant will become a major development platform.

Today, the Jiangyan plant has four times the storage space, three times the production and office space, created a more comfortable working environment for employees, and provided customers with a wider range of value-added services such as larger structural foam molding, clean room injection molding, painting, packaging and temperature-controlled storage.

K. Zhu, CEO of iMed, said: “Because of strong support from our customers and the hard work of our employees and their loyalty to the company, we have been able to grow and relocate.”

new production plant Jiangyan since 2018