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One Stop Services

One Stop Services

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Our goal is from the conceptual idea to the structural design, prototyping and small batch experimental production, mature mass production, all the way to accompany the customer. The company has advanced CAD systems, materials databases and rapid prototyping technology to provide a solid foundation.To have a perfect unity on the molding products with innovation, technology and design is the tireless effort of our company.


No matter at what stage of the research and development of new products, the company can provide effective recommendations through accumulated application experience over years.

Feasibility Analysis

Please send your conceptual idea or design drawings per e-mail to us. Our engineees will contact you to find out the most economical mass production methods in a one-on-one consulting.

Material Selection

According to the application requirements of the product, we provide technical support for the selection of materials. Correct materials not only ensure the safety of the design, but also reduce the cost reasonably.

Technical Modeling

In accordance with the requirements of customers, we provide three-dimensional and two-dimensional modeling services


From the structural design of the finished product, we could craft, through rapid prototyping methods such as CNC, SLS, SLA, initial samples for customers for functional test or appearance show.

Small Batch Production

Rapid tooling process offers the possibility of a small series production. Through trial production, the structure of the product can be further improved.


Our project engineer will accompany customers, until mass production is smoothly achieved.