Production Advantages of Structural Foam Molding


Design Advantages

Part weight reduced 10% to 30%
Increased strength and stiffness due to honeycomb structure
Capable of molding large, complex parts without sink marks
Capable of molding parts 8 mm thick or greater
Parts may weigh up to several kilos.

Product Advantages

HIGHEST STRENGTH-TO-WEIGHT RATIO compared to alternative manufacturing methods and materials.
Can replace concrete, sheet metal, metal castings, wood, fiberglass, rotational molding and blow molding in a variety of applications
Superior impact resistance
More rigid than a solid part
Low part stress and warpage
Consistent surface finish
Chemical and corrosion resistance does not rust
Parts that are impervious to the elements
Sound deadening characteristics
Electrical /thermal insulating properties
Parts can be sawn, screwed, nailed or stapled like wood

Production Advantages

Faster cycles due to better heat transfer of aluminum
High dimensional stability over the entire production run
Multiple molds can be run at the same time
Functions as excellent substrate for high quality painted finish applications
Two different materials and/or colors can be molded simultaneously

Cost Advantages

Significant reduction in cost and increases in productivity
Lower raw material cost due to use of commodity resins
Lifetime tooling